Executive and Stewards

Elected Officers of the Local

Executive Board Officers

Position Name Department Phone Email
President Ric McAlpine Material Management 204-296-9109  cupe1973@gmail.com
Treasurer Chris Pullen Hspk ConcPl 204-981-5474  chris-pullen@hotmail.com
Vice President Hosp Kevin Adrian Environmental Lead Hskp 204-781-1373
Vice President ConcPl Bill Torrance Laundry Aide ConcPl
Lead Steward Darlene Payette Evening Emerg Admit Clerk   dpayettecupe@hotmail.com
Recording Secretary Kim Pohl Material Management  

*** Please note when leaving a message or a text always leave your name and number so we know who you are and how to contact you.

Other Officers

Position Name
Membership Officer (Warden) Laura Meneer Hskp
3rd Year Trustee Adrienne Sinclair/Lusty MDR
2nd Year Trustee  Debbie Matthes ConcPl
1st Year Trustee  Rhonda Spurgeon N3E

Representatives of Local – Voluntary


Position Name Department
Disability/Return to Work Representative Chris Pullen Hskp ConcPl
Communications Co-Ordinator/Rep Trish Thiessen  Hskp Conc Pl


Name Department
Ric McAlpine Material Management
Kevin Adrian Environmental Lead Hskp
Darlene Payette Evening Emerg Admit Clerk
Trish Thiessen Hskp ConcPl
Chris Pullen Hskp ConcPl
Bill Torrance Laundry Aide ConcPl
Lisa Brinkworth HCA ConcPl Nights
Tabitha Torrance  Material Management